How To Blog And Maintain A Website Like A Professional

Differences between blog and website
Nowadays nearly everyone and anyone can start up a blog or website without much hassle. There are many companies offering not only free publishing services but also paid services for a more personal and customization ability to the owners. When it comes to blog and website, many had actually misunderstood the differences between the meaning of a blog and website.

Basically, a blog is more towards free publishing platforms such as Blogger, WordPress and Weebly. On the other hand, a website could be used for both serious business and even blogging and this is where you have your own domain and able to customize your website freely. Nonetheless, both blogs and websites serve the same purpose and maintaining them are nearly the same.

The very first step…
How do you want to blog and maintain your own personal site like a professional? As I am a strong believer of first impression, the first look of the website will give ‘some-sort’ of clear description towards the visitors on how the website is going to be like. Of course, we should not ‘judge the book by its cover’ but let me stress that the first look of the website or blog is extremely vital.

First of all, always ensure that the template you choose is suitable for your theme and products. For example, if you are selling products for baby, you should focus on background images or templates which are more towards baby like. As simple as it seems, it is always harder to achieve as good templates are hard to find. Of course, you can just design it if you are tech savvy.

Constant maintenance is the way to go
All websites and blogs should be maintained frequently. Both visitors and search engines love to find and index sites which are constantly updated. Therefore, make it a point to perform some maintenance like checking of URL links, updating pieces of information and even improving the looks of the site. Although this might look simple, it is actually vital when it comes to the eyes of the visitors. I am sure that if you wouldn’t want to visit a site that has no new content and is not updated for years right?

Another good reason for you to perform maintenance is the more maintenance you can perform, the better chance for you to have faster loading sites and you can also update important updates towards your article along the way. I always welcome ‘killing two birds with one stone’ methods

Don’t forget about writing skills

As a writer, the biggest asset you have is your writing skills. Always make sure yu write quality materials to attract more readers and increase your chance of link building. For those who are serious of improving writing skills, you can check out the links on your right for some of the best guides around.

When you write, make a point to be as interactive as possible with your readers. if you respond to every question asked, you are likely to attract more readers as it is a fact that we all love friendly writers. Don’t you agree with me? Always remember that there will be more visitors coming back for more if you write good materials. Honestly, with good materials, you basically guarantee yourself and your website as a good site and people will come back for more!

Become like a professional blogger!

If you want to be like a professional blogger or webmaster, then start acting like one! There ain’t any time for you to play your games or be fooling around. This industry is a challenging industry and thus, you should always plan ahead of your game. Taking me for an example, I was really tired running my own website and I planned a quick 1 week break. So what did I do to make that come true? I scheduled all my articles to be posted at certain times in a day for a whole week. And yes, I write a lot especially during weekends. With this, my website will still look active in the eyes of search engines such as Google but in fact, I could be having my one week off at the Carribbeans!

Always think and act like a professional if you want to be one. If you keep staying as what you currently are, you are not going to make it or would take a long time just to hit the mark. get out of your comfort zone and start competing with others!

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